the story about us

Supernova works across three universes; the development, corporate and government ecosystem. We are the catalyst of the value exchange.

Through our combined 40+ years of experience working in the corporate, development, and government sector, as well as in the startups ecosystems, we are the ideal organisation to create a bridge between different stakeholders, and to aggregate the supply chain to ensure more businesses are involved in green commodities.

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what we do

Supernova equips, prepares and facilitates connections among contributors to achieve their common goals. We level the ecosystem’s stakeholders, provide transparent tracking and effective intervention, and form stakeholders partnership. We believe in the world where everybody has something to offer. That is why we seek to collaborate and leverage, because the Indonesia ecosystem is an open source, full of enablers.

Our work is a cross-over between development and investment and it stats from mapping and translating the landscape, providing stakeholders with the same language and bridging interests so we can move forward together. We would develop the successful case studies, scaling up the model and expanding our reach.

We work with regions to identify other potential commodities that are better for the environment, ensuring the supply chain, and thus promoting the green and sustainable commodities for businesses around Indonesia and internationally.

two actions, shared purpose

Collaboration that enables cross-entity cooperation to form a sustainable value chain

A blended financing solution for sustainable value chain

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