Jurisdictional Approach

Welcome to our dedicated page that sheds light on how Supernova Ecosystem leverages the innovative concept of Jurisdictional Approach (JA).

What is Jurisdictional Approach?

Jurisdictional Approach is a concept that combines good governance and collaboration with various stakeholders to address issues related to society and environmental sustainability. We believe that this approach is the path to a sustainable future, one that empowers communities, preserves biodiversity, and sustains the environment.

4 Key Points of Jurisdictional Approach

JA goes beyond individual efforts by aligning various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, communities, and NGOs, under a common goal. This collaborative approach enables a united front against complex challenges.

JA finds its relevance in tackling significant issues such as deforestation and peatland conversion. By focusing on entire jurisdictions rather than isolated areas, JA aims to address the root causes of these problems holistically

JA aims to offer a different way from the usual methods that only care about making money. It remembers what the community believes in and makes sure that the community’s well-being is more important than just making money.

JA seeks to establish sustainable practices contributing to long-term environmental and social resilience. By involving diverse stakeholders, JA aims to create lasting changes that transcend short-term gains.

Jurisdictional Approach
in Supernova Ecosystem

We have crafted the Value Chain Collaboration Canvas with a multifaceted purpose: to foster strategic partnerships, optimize processes, and bolster sustainability throughout our initiatives. We aim to support the entire value chain, spanning from upstream to midstream and downstream, and to deliver a profound, lasting impact. In addition, we are committed to addressing the pressing issues of deforestation and peatland conversion by implementing a reward system that respects the cultural context of each stakeholder involved.

through two actions and a shared purpose

Collaboration that enables cross-entity cooperation to form a sustainable value chain

A blended financing solution for sustainable value chain

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