(ADIT)Apply to Konstelasi Accelerator (Eng)

Apply to Konstelasi Accelerator

  1. Other than founders, those who get approval from top-level management can register their business for the Konstelasi Accelerator program.

  2. The selection process lasts for approximately 6 months. You must participate in the entire process.

  3. Applicants must participate in an online interview process. Applicants can invite other team members if needed.

  4. The interview process includes in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and due diligence. Top-level management is expected to attend the interview process.

  5. Preferred business criteria are businesses engaged in the beauty, fitness, and health industries. Other relevant industries: Agribusiness marketplace, agriculture-biotechnology, R&D, supply chain, packaging solutions, pharmaceutical, non-wood processing, retail, hotel & spa (HORECA), savings and loans/local banks.

  6. The business pay attention to sustainable aspects both internally and externally (values such as social and environmental sustainability, and team member rights).

  7. The business has been running for at least the last 2 years and has scale-up potential from the development of sustainable commodities.

  8. The business has a revenue of 500-750 million/year. Any business with less or more revenue is still welcome to apply.

  9. The business has an organizational structure in the division of work processes.

  10. The business has the potential to develop alternative commodities (generating high value from process or derivative products within a commodity to increase the potential of the commodity).

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