Social Audit Report

Like completing a marathon race, Konstelasi Accelerator has finally completed the Social Audit that began in 2022.


In this Social Audit, we aimed to prove that the steps we took aligned with the goals we aimed to achieve, and the values ​​we espoused were also applied in all organizational activities. This process involved various stakeholders who play important roles in our organization. The goal was simple: to provide a clear and cohesive overview of the Supernova Ecosystem and to be able to plan and implement our goals fairly and transparently.

Collaborating with Social Enterprise International UK, we underwent two stages of Social Audit: internal and external. The internal stage was divided into three parts: Discover, Design, and Development. Meanwhile, the external stage was also divided into three parts: Stakeholder mapping, stakeholder analysis, and stakeholder dialogue.

From the internal stage, we successfully identified that the goals, ethics, and values ​​of the Supernova Ecosystem have been clear since its formation. We are determined to develop sustainable commodity-based businesses outside major cities in Indonesia. Additionally, we also strive to create a positive work culture, with seven main pillars: Decision Making, Sustainability, Business, Knowledge Transfer, Well-being, Innovation, and Diversity and Inclusion. In this process, we also evaluated the extent to which we have implemented these seven pillars and how we can improve.

Based on the external stage, we found that organizational stakeholders view us as a sustainable entity and are eager to advance collaboration among players in the value chain. Additionally, other organizations interacting with us understand what we do and what we aim to achieve. In terms of communication, Konstelasi Accelerator has been able to be a good discussion partner and communicate effectively, like a family.

This Social Audit not only provided us with valuable insights but also strengthened our commitment to our goals and values. We hope to continue our journey towards sustainable development and positive impact.

To view the complete Social Audit report we have conducted, please download the file below. Additionally, if any sustainable friend wishes to conduct a Social Audit for their respective organizations, feel free to contact us!

Phase 1 Full Report | Phase 1 Summary Report | Phase 2 Full Report

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