Sowing Seeds of Kindness for All Life

Supernova Ecosystem, together with Conservana and the Giri Amerta Forest Farmer Group (KTH), carried out a tree planting activity in the Jembrana forest. The goal is to create a wildlife corridor for the wild animals that live there.

The wildlife corridor consists of fruit trees – such as passion fruit, durian, buni, and juwet – planted around the commodity forest land. This provides a habitat for wild animals and prevents them from entering the forest to eat the crops of the Forest Farmer Group.

The tree planting activity is also an effort to protect the environment, maintain biodiversity, and empower the community that lives directly around the natural resources.

This is a symbol of the collaboration that Supernova Ecosystem wants to build with various stakeholders, from business owners, indigenous communities, government, financial institutions, to the community living around natural resources. The goal is to continue to provide the best for all living beings in order to maintain sustainability.

Let’s work together to protect the environment and humanity towards a sustainable Indonesia!

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