The Excitement Behind the Interview with SEA Today

Last Thursday, on February 23, 2023, Inez Stefanie and Irma Chantily attended a talk show event hosted by SEA Today with the topic “Guiding MSMEs to Become Professional Businesses.” Excitement, tension, and relief are three words that can describe Inez’s feelings when asked about her emotions before, during, and after the interview.

"Excitement because of the opportunity to share about sustainable business. Despite always feeling 'afraid' of expressing opinions that are not popular, amidst the prevalent funding winter* in startups, even though MSMEs have proven their ability to face changes. Tense but calm because the interview was conducted in English. Happy because the hosts were genuinely interested in sustainable businesses."

Meanwhile, honored, secure, and proud are the sentiments expressed by Irma in response to the same question.

"Honored because we were contacted by the SEA Today team, which means that at least the work done by Supernova is starting to attract attention beyond our network. Felt secure during the interview, although there were nervous moments and panic when the connection turned out to be unreliable, but I trust Inez to take over what I wanted to explain. Proud of the cool, on-point, and highly initiative performance of the OD and Comms team."

The limitation of time makes it challenging to convey all messages. Inez hopes she could convey that Supernova Ecosystem is one of the players in an ecosystem.

"Which means that we (Supernova Ecosystem) are open; solutions to the problems we want to solve cannot be answered by just one entity but require collaboration from various parties such as LTKL, Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi, and other organizations and businesses."

On the other hand, Irma hopes to convey more about the Value Chain Collaboration Canvas (VC3), a framework created by Supernova Ecosystem to connect sustainable businesses from upstream to downstream.

Despite the things that couldn’t be conveyed during the interview, both of them feel satisfied with the results of the brief segment. The positive atmosphere and professionalism of the hosts made the interview go smoothly and meet expectations.

When asked if she would like to do another interview, Inez replied, “Yes, selectively.” If there is a contribution she can make to a discussion, either from the perspective of Supernova Ecosystem or for the audience, she will do it.

Responding to the same question, Irma stated that she is willing to be interviewed again.

"Sure, I'd love to be interviewed again, so that more people are interested in building sustainable businesses and collaborating, making sustainable businesses something common and normal."

Supernova Ecosystem aims to make sustainable businesses something common in Indonesia. Thank you, SEA Today, for giving us the opportunity to share about sustainable businesses. Let’s together move towards a greener and more sustainable Indonesia for a better future!

*founders find it difficult to raise funding and achieve sky-high valuations.

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